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New Cluster’s program – recruitment

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We kindly invite you to participate in the New Project of Innovative Medicine Cluster.

The aim of the initiative is prevention of social exclusion of people 60+ by incorporating then in health-promoting activities for them and local societies.

Project will be executed from May 2015 to November 2016, based on selected medicinal entity from Lower Silesia district where animators will be chosen to work for society 60+.

Project activities:

  • Training for local animators about actions for healthy life.
  • Seminars and workshops for interested in health of body and spirit.

We ask you to provide survey for seniors – your patients. Thank to this questionaire we want to gain the information about their interests and adjust program of seminars and workshops.

The surverys should be send by December the 31th 2014 to biuro@innowacyjnamedycyna.eu

Anticipated benefits from joining the program:

For Practice:

Program assumes creation of  “Prevention Practice” in clinics from Lower Silesia (30). Training of animators and establishing regular workshops for patients. Also stimulation of establishing and coordinating of self-help groups – contacting them with existing societies and organizations of nationwide character. The image of clinic is to be changed – from place where exists only restorative medicine to the place where in additional one can gather complex knowledge of broadly understood health preservation.
Clinics will get incomes from leasing rooms for workshops.

Perks for animators:

Nurses, doctors, local liders who take on leading seminars, will improve their medical knowledge and introduce new quality in services for seniors. Animators from clinics will get salary.

Profits for elderly:

Socio-cultural activation, wider knowledge about health of body and spirit.

In order to get funding, Cluster is going to apply to FIO program of Ministry of Work and Social Care.

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Ankieta dla Seniora

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