Klaster Innowacyjna Medycyna

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The mission

Our mission is to facilitate cooperation and integration in the medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare-related industries that are already active on the market or are expressing the will for cooperation in introducing innovative healthcare solutions.

We wish to create and strengthen value chains within the Cluster for the purpose of developing small and medium size companies, based on innovative medical, pharmaceutical, IT and other healthcare-related  technologies. We want to expand the scope of medical services through implementation of new technologies, materials, tools and pharmacological drugs.

By joining the potentials of the healthcare industry companies and scientific research units, we create an innovative environment for business development.

We support and initiate cooperation for innovation in the healthcare and medical sector.

Strona powstała w ramach realizacji zadania publicznego pod nazwą: “Rozwoj Klastra Innowacyjna Medycyna” finansowanego ze zródeł Samorządu Województwa Dolnośląskiego, umowa nr DG-G/2918/13 z dnia 13.09.2013.