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Meetings in Silesia and Lesser Poland

On March 22, our leaders – Piotr Polański and Bartosz Hajncz, accompanied by the coordinator of Cluster – Mrs Ilona Trześniewska Radojewska were in Silesia and Lesser Poland. The aim of these meetings in Ruda Śląska and Kraków was to broad the net of cooperation and to gain new members.

Meeting in the Business Incubator of Ruda Śląska was the continuation of talks that started last month in Wrocław. Formula allowed to bring vision of action of both our Cluster and Silesian ICT Cluster whose operator is Incubator. Combination of our knowledge and experience in medical field and daring IT ideas of our new partners should soon result in commercialization of products addressed to seniors and the youngest. Next meetings soon. We will inform about the details.

Appointment in Kraków, however, was held on the invitation of Entrepreneurs of Ambulatory, Specialist Care of Lesser Poland. Evening lecture was an opportunity to present our achievements, principles and main areas in which we want to develop. Some problems signaled by our hosts are being currently solved by Innovative Medicine. Meeting ended with series of questions, exchange of point of views and assessments of our business. We got also several pledges to join our Cluster.

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Strona powstała w ramach realizacji zadania publicznego pod nazwą: “Rozwoj Klastra Innowacyjna Medycyna” finansowanego ze zródeł Samorządu Województwa Dolnośląskiego, umowa nr DG-G/2918/13 z dnia 13.09.2013.