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European Cluster Days in Strasbourg

On March the 18-19 2015, in the quarter of European Parliament in Strasbourg took place European Cluster Days.

The organizer of the event was the France Clusters association with support of the government of Alzacja, European Parliament and other organizations affiliating clusters. In Congress Participated over 400 people representing European countries, Africa and Near East. Our cluster also took part in this extraordinary important event. Person representing us, and actively participating in discussions was our Chairman, Bartosz Hajncz.

The formula of congress assumed exchange of information and opinions about issues such like everyday leadership of cluster, cooperation with scientific research centers and enterprises in order to commercialize researches and create market position for clusters as entities established to achieve economic goals. Building relations inside cluster or internationalization of actions and practical aspects of transnational cooperation in applying for joint projects.

During the two-day meeting was held dozens of parallel general sessions and thematic workshops. Raised issues concerning the role of clusters of transnational cooperation in implementing the 2020 EU perspective and the role of government in the individual countries in support for cluster initiatives.

The detailed program of discussed issues can be found in the link below.


Lasting for two days workshops on the area on – broadly understood – Medical Technology and Life Science issues were the opportunity to present our Cluster on the transnational field – particularly in the matter of our offer and expectations in terms of cooperation. Trip to Strasbourg resulted not only in blindfolded numerous contacts, but also in many ideas for the implementation of joint projects.

It should be noticed that Innovative Medicine Custer become a part of narrow, elite group of entities that represented Poland in that symbolic place like European Parliament. During the talks, plenary sessions and backstage chats we were emphasizing the need to redefine the objectives of the European policy as an opportunity to share by countries of the so-called  “Old Europe” experiences and good practices with countries of the Baltic region, Eastern Europe and South America.

More information about the congress along with fotorelation are on the event’s website:


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