Klaster Innowacyjna Medycyna

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Our aims

Cluster’s aims

  • Strengthening competitiveness and entrepreneurship within the medical industry
  • Creating favourable conditions for new investments in the healthcare sector
  • Initiating activities that support e-health development
  • Facilitating and supporting cooperation between the scientific community and the healthcare industry companies
  • Establishing collective projects aimed at developing practice of medicine, implementing innovative therapy methods and assisting in the introduction of new technologies
  • Comprehensive health promotion through shaping and popularisation of pro-health attitudes, especially within the elderly community
  • Creating a positive Cluster image.

Strona powstała w ramach realizacji zadania publicznego pod nazwą: “Rozwoj Klastra Innowacyjna Medycyna” finansowanego ze zródeł Samorządu Województwa Dolnośląskiego, umowa nr DG-G/2918/13 z dnia 13.09.2013.