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The medical cluster’s meeting

The World Congress of Clusters in Dąbrowa Górnicza meets it’s objectives even before the inauguration.
Polish Innovative Medical Cluster PIKMED – the organizer of medical panel on the first World Congress of clusters in Dąbrowa Górnicza – invited to the discussion other medical cluster’s that operate on polish market.

According to the proverb that “big can do more”, in Wrocław was started the cluster’s initiative to cooperate on medical cluster’s field. Precisely on 10th of February 2015 in Wrocław, in the quarter of Data Technopark – the coordinator of E-zdrowie Cluster – took place the inauguration meeting for the cooperation on medical and health protection area.

The host of the appointment was Mr Romuald Litwin – the chairman of E-zdrowie Cluster. The other participants were Mr Bartosz Hajncz – the chairman of Innovative Medicine Cluster – and accompanying ladies: Ilona Trześniewska-Radojewska – the coordinator of Cluster, Iwona Wójcik – the director of Cluster’s office, and also Mr Tomasz Szelągowski – the chairman of Progressive Medicine Cluster, Mr Witold Pałys, Mrs Anna Kaczmarek and Mr Tomasz Leśniak – vice-chairmans of Polish Innovative Medical Cluster PIKMED.

This was the first initiative in the field of medical clusters in Poland. Although everyone, on his own, successfully executes inscribed in the statutes and bye-laws aims, clusters want to shape and develop medical craft in Poland together.
Periodic partners meetings will result in, inter alia, creation of platform for cooperation and information. However, we need to remember that medicine is, most of all, the West and their achievements, therefore the cluster’s cooperation will go beyond the Polish borders searching for partners and projects with international scope. First opportunity to discuss the issues of public health and the best achievements in professional services on international forum will be, already mentioned, the World Congress of Clusters. The participants are from all continents, representing over 83 nations and governments including those from European Union range.

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