Klaster Innowacyjna Medycyna

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Development of Innovative Medicine Cluster II

development collage

On September 15th, 2014, thanks to the subsidize from Lower Silesian Marshal Office, we started the new project named “Development of Innovative Medicine Cluster II”.

The aim of the Project is further development of our Cluster and promotion of clustering idea among the SME entrepreneurs from medical sector of Lower Silesia. The goal of scheduled actions is to raise the awareness of medical staff about challenges for economy and healthcare policy connected e.g. with providing adequate medical care for elderly and developing common standard for services for medical centers affiliated in Cluster. That include development of innovative standards what will lead to creation of substitution system. Implementation of proposed system will built cooperation relations among Cluster members.

Project will last for only 3 months, nevertheless it’s a great challenge which, through people directly involved in the development of the Cluster, may contribute to the future projects and new innovative solutions that have application for Innovative Medicine Cluster members.

Strona powstała w ramach realizacji zadania publicznego pod nazwą: “Rozwoj Klastra Innowacyjna Medycyna” finansowanego ze zródeł Samorządu Województwa Dolnośląskiego, umowa nr DG-G/2918/13 z dnia 13.09.2013.