Klaster Innowacyjna Medycyna

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Benefits package for the Cluster member

  • offers dedicated for the Cluster members, including favorable purchases, funding especially in terms of administration and operating costs,
  • participation in mutual projects also in terms of cooperation with other clusters – medical and nonmedical,
  • experience exchange and knowledge transfer by seminars, workshops and cooperation with R & D centers,
  • creation of mutual expert teams to elaborate particular projects and lead analysis,
  • possibility to avail of specialists consulting, i.e in terms of public relations, European funds, business consulting, legal and insurance,
  • possibility to get grants from EU or other funds within the projects for
    companies associated in the Cluster,
  • joint representation of Cluster members on the market – joint bidding, promotion and marketing, creating Cluster’s brand,
  • cost reduction for economic operator activities, particularly in the administration and operating expenses area,
  • facilitation for the management of human resources through the creation of opportunities for jobs/internships for college students or employees of other medicinal entities  with overgrowth of employment or subordinated restructuring.


Strona powstała w ramach realizacji zadania publicznego pod nazwą: “Rozwoj Klastra Innowacyjna Medycyna” finansowanego ze zródeł Samorządu Województwa Dolnośląskiego, umowa nr DG-G/2918/13 z dnia 13.09.2013.